Auburn praise from England

Reader Input
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My wife and I recently returned from a visit to see my sister and her husband who live in Auburn. This is a trip we have done several times before and we have always enjoyed our visits and found everyone we have met really friendly and hospitable. However, the reason for our visit this time was to offer them some support in what we can only imagine to be the most stressful and emotional of circumstances. They lived on Creekside Place and along with a lot of other people, lost everything in the fires. We found the help and support my sister and her husband were getting from all directions (by means of events organized locally to raise funds, Placer County offices, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and all their friends and family), incredible. We have never witnessed anything like it before. So, from two relatives in England of two of the fire victims, a big, big thank you to everyone involved. Well done, Auburn. You should be proud of yourselves. Richard and Sandra Mallet, Kings Lynn, England