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Auburn saloon, circa 1900-1910, suggests another mystery

By: ~ Placer County Museums
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The writing on the top of this photograph indicates this may be the Union Saloon in Auburn. But we at Placer County Museums have learned over the years to question such labels because they are sometimes proven false. We simply do not know who wrote “Union Saloon” on the photo or when.
This photograph is typical of most saloons of the late 19th and early 20th centuries with a long bar, a foot rail (no barstools), and two towels hung in front. The towels were for patrons to wipe beer suds from their mustaches – a very common facial accessory of the era.
Do you believe this image to be the Union Saloon? Or do you know this is an image of another Auburn saloon? Please give us a call and let us know at (530) 889-6500. You can also send an email to:
We thank all of you who responded to the photographs of the schoolhouse. We have identified both photographs as the Mount Vernon School.