Auburn schools funding in crisis still

Reader Input
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Even though Measure L didn’t reach the two-thirds super-majority needed to pass, I want to thank the residents of Auburn for giving serious consideration to this local proposal aimed at addressing the extremely difficult financial times that local school districts are facing across the state. This is a real problem, with real consequences, and each community will be forced to deal with it in the coming months. In particular, I want to thank all the folks who helped and supported the campaign, volunteering countless hours to educate the public on the depth and breadth of the Auburn Union School District funding crisis. Both Lyon Real Estate and Hometown Realtors here in Auburn were particularly supportive, offering up their phones in support of our efforts to educate the public. Many supporters of the schools have already voluntarily decided to send in $59 to the school district. When I write my property tax check later this month, I’ll be writing a separate check to the Auburn Union School District for $59, as well. I encourage all of you who care about the future of Auburn, our schools and our children to consider doing the same. The district will be releasing details about this voluntary option in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. Again, thank you. Rob Haswell, chairman, Citizens for a Stronger Auburn — Yes on L