Auburn should drive down Wal-Mart

Reader Input
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Years ago when the Board of Supervisors approved the Bohemia site for a big-box store I said two things — first that they would sell their mothers for a dollar of tax revenue, and second that it was an end run for Wal-Mart, once successfully pushed out of Auburn, to come in. Both have proven to be true (Journal, March 29). Jim Conkey is Auburn’s Judas. He doesn’t care a fig about our community. He nobly talks about creating local contracting jobs. Those are temporary while the potential damage to the nature of our community and our local- and California-owned businesses is potentially devastating in the long run. Many of the 350 people hired by Wal-Mart will be people laid off from local businesses that close or have reduced business. I, for one, want to know where to contribute to APACE (Alliance for the Protection of the Auburn Community Environment) to help fight this travesty. As Auburnites, our two-fold goals now should be to cost Wal-Mart as much as possible in legal fees and then to see that this is one of the few, if any, Wal-Marts to go out of business. Robert Namanny, Auburn