Auburn showed great pride

Reader Input
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I responded somewhat reluctantly to a recent invitation from John Knierim, a close friend and a member of the Masonic Lodge in Auburn, to ride on the lodge float in the Nov. 11 Veterans’ Day parade through Downtown Auburn. In doing so, I met some very fine men and women who also were aboard, including a 90-something former prisoner of war who was a reluctant guest of the Germans in – of all places – Stalag 17 of movie fame and an elderly former Navy Seabee who bravely donned his oxygen mask to supplement his walker as he proudly waved to the crowd. As a Navy veteran of the Korean War, I reveled in the camaraderie aboard the float as well as in the response from hundreds of spectators along the parade route, other vets in uniform, little children, men and women of all ages and political persuasions, waving American flags, applauding and mouthing “thank-yous” over and over. It was an emotional experience I shall never forget. I wish to thank John for the invitation, to the Masons for making me feel welcome, to the parade committee, to those who handed us all Vietnam memorial medals, and to the hundreds of Auburnites that lined Lincoln Way. I felt very proud, and proud of Auburn. Chuck Butler, Granite Bay