Auburn suspect arrested in sexual assault

By: Jenna Nielsen, Journal Staff Writer
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An Auburn man is facing charges of sexual assault after he allegedly dragged an intoxicated victim into a secluded area off a public nature trail in Auburn. Luke Aaron Sims, 25, was arrested April 29 after reportedly providing alcohol to a juvenile victim and her friend after school. Sims, the victim and her friend went to a public nature trail off Auburn Ravine Road. After dark, Sims dragged the intoxicated victim off the trail and into a more secluded area on a hillside where he sexually assaulted her, according to Auburn Police Department reports. The friend had left before the incident took place, said Detective Sgt. Victor Pecoraro of the Auburn Police Department. According to an Auburn Police statement, “At the time of the assault the victim was not coherent due to the amount of alcohol she had consumed prior to the incident.” The victim sustained some injuries from the incident, reports indicate. Pecoraro said police cannot elaborate on the injuries because an investigation is ongoing. The victim reported the incident days later, and police began an investigation into the allegations, Pecoraro said. “She waited a while because like many victims, she was concerned and scared,” Pecoraro said. “Once she did, we started to investigate.” Detectives Rick Hardesty and Stan Hamelin subsequently located the crime scene, which was processed for evidence. It was determined that Sims was involved in this assault from the investigation. Sims is being held in the Placer County Jail on a $250,000 bail. The Journal’s Jenna Nielsen can be reached at or comment on this story at