Auburn teen loves to dance and she can do every style

By: Bridget Jones, Special to the Journal
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Editor’s Note: Following is another feature in an occasional series about Auburn teens. Auburn resident Mary Silva, 15, can’t go very long without dancing. Around the age of 6, Mary took a hip-hop class at In Sync Dance Studio in Auburn and she has been hooked on dancing ever since. “There’s so much about it,” Mary said. “It’s an art form first and it’s also expressing yourself through your entire body. It’s intense. It’s mental and physical and spiritual and emotional, and I love every part of it.” Mary, who is a Maidu High School student and also resides part-time in West Sacramento, spends about 14 hours a week dancing at the studio. She participates in many styles of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary. “She’s kind of a special talent, because not a lot of dancers can do every single type of dancing,” said Jessie Krick, co-owner of In Sync Dance. “She can go Broadway, she can go ballet company, she can go any direction she wants to.” Mary said she is interested in pursuing dance, but also plans to go into pre-med when she graduates high school, because she enjoys the science and math aspects of the medical field. She would also like to live in a big city such as Chicago, San Francisco or New York. “There’s a lot of dance there, so I can always get jobs dancing,” Mary said. Kelsie Krick, 17, a friend and fellow dancer, said she thinks Mary’s skills really shine in ballet, and that Mary has enough determination to become a professional dancer. “I think she would be able to do that as a career,” Kelsie said. “I think she really wants to do it, because she works really hard.” Mary is exploring other avenues of dance outside the studio. During her freshman year of high school she attended Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Mich. “I wanted to go to school where I could dance and learn,” Mary said. “I just wanted to dance and go to school at the same time. It was a boarding school, and it was a really good experience.” She also participated in the 2008 Christmas show at Garbeau’s Dinner Theatre in Rancho Cordova. She said she hopes to take part in more summer dance programs including the Paul Taylor West Coast Dance Intensive at University of California, Davis. Jessie said these experiences in dance will give Mary an advantage over dancers who have only danced in a studio. “She has to have that exposure,” Jessie said. “Not only learning in a studio environment but performing in Garbeau’s and stuff like that — that’s professional.” Although dancing is Mary’s passion, she said she also enjoys many other things in life. “My family’s really important to me,” she said. “I like to have fun, I really do. I love to learn too — I love knowledge. I love going to the movies, music — I love music. I love to read. I’ll go outside and hang out with my friends and we’ll just run around for hours.” Mary said dancing is the best release for her, and that it helps her express her emotions when she might otherwise become tongue-tied. She said dancing has also made her into a well-rounded person. “It really helps focus me, and it’s really secure in my life,” Mary said. “I really think it’s helped me overall. It’s taught me … perseverance, release, control.” Jessie said Mary is simply a person who has a deep connection with dance, and that connection will never fade. “There’re just some individual people who have it in their soul,” Jessie said. “They always have to have it in their life; it’s just a passion for them.” If you would like to recommend a teen to be profiled in our Auburn teen series, contact Bridget Jones at