Auburn wildlife organization attempts rescue of bald eagle at Folsom Lake

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Local volunteers recently tried to rescue an injured bird from Folsom Lake. Kari Freidig and Bob Murray, with Auburn-based Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, responded to the peninsula of Folsom Lake recently to rescue an injured bald eagle, according to the rescue organization. After Charles Right, who was at the lake on a clean-up mission, found the bird, park rangers Angie Milligan and Bradley Cheshire called the rescue organization, Gold Country Wildlife said. According to the organization, the rangers provided Freidig and Murray with boat transportation to the island where the eagle was stranded and the rangers discovered the eagle had a fracture on its left wing and its bone was exposed. When back on the shore, the eagle was taken to the Bird and Pet Clinic of Roseville. When radiographs were performed, no metal fragments were found, so officials determined the bird had not been illegally shot. The causes of the injuries were assumed to be natural, because there were no man-made items on the island to harm the eagle, according to Gold Country Wildlife. Because of the injuries the eagle would not be able to survive in the wild and was humanely euthanized, the organization said. ~Staff report