Auditing department reflects good leadership by Katherine Martinis

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Two years ago I was appointed by the Placer County Board of Supervisors to serve on the Placer County Audit Committee. The responsibility of this committee is to review the functions of the Placer County Auditor’s office. Having an extensive background in finance, I have very carefully analyzed the processes being conducted by the Auditor’s office. My assessment is that this department is well disciplined and thorough in its tasks to monitor the adherence to fiscal policies of the county’s numerous departments and agencies. During my time on the committee, I have seen frequent cases where the auditor’s staff has identified fiscal issues and recommended changes that have saved the county substantial sums of precious taxpayer dollars. Attitudes and principles in any organization are reflective of top management. Unquestionably, the Placer County Auditor’s office is being run at the highest level of integrity and accuracy by the auditor, Kathy Martinis. Kathy is a diligent and effective public servant that is very deserving of your vote. WAYNE NADER, Auburn