Auditor can’t stop raises

Reader Input
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It is important for the taxpayers of Placer County to understand the facts regarding the role of auditor-controller. That role includes ensuring expenditures are made within county policies and guidelines. The auditor does not create policy; the board of supervisors does. Individuals have brought up the infamous $10,000 (Supervisor Rocky Rockholm) jet ride, and stated that Martinis “signed that check.” Placer County’s Administrative Rules, which govern spending, state: “The County Executive Officer may waive any requirement or other policy under this chapter as it relates to meals, lodging and travel, and transportation.” Since the CEO approved that expenditure on a county credit card, Martinis had no authority to withhold the payment. Raises for county employees have been mentioned numerous times. The auditor has no authority to approve or deny employee step increases. Why has there been no mention of the audit Martinis performed of the Community Development Resource Agency? That audit uncovered inappropriate purchases and Martinis alone required repayment. It should also be noted that Martinis created the Internal Audit Division, which has identified over $1 million in cost savings or revenue enhancements. If Ms. Martinis’ challenger really wants to make a difference in county government, perhaps he should first understand the roles and responsibilities of county officials. CHARLES LINDAL, Placer County homeowner, Auburn