Auditor candidate's flyer unethical, inappropriate

Reader Input Online
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Regarding a mailer circulated for the position of Placer County Auditor. The ad states “Placer County spent nearly $10,000 on a private jet to ferry a supervisor from and to vacation. Katherine Martinis signed the check.” Mr. Tanner’s allegation is extremely inaccurate and insinuates illegal actions by Ms. Martinis. I have strong reservations about a candidate that will resort to these tactics. The truth is the Placer County Executive Officer independently ordered a private jet to transport a Supervisor to a meeting. In no way did Ms. Martinis have knowledge of this action. When the bill for this flight was received by the Auditor’s Office, Ms. Martinis questioned the appropriateness of the charge. It was determined that the County Executive had the authority to make this purchase. Even so, the Supervisor involved then paid the bill out of his own pocket. Katherine Martinis is an efficient and dedicated Auditor with years of experience. It is unethical of Mr. Tanner to insinuate she was involved in illegal acts. I realize Mr. Tanner is young and experienced, but Placer County residents expect honesty and integrity from their Auditor. Mr. Tanner, would your mother approve of you maligning Ms. Martinis? Sincerely, LaVeta L. Fortenberry, Rocklin