Await serious fallout of "Trollopgate"

Reader Input
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If a dozen members of a Secret Service away team expects to cavort with whores in the Colombian capital and get away with it, it is obvious that their discovery is the tip of the iceberg. Clearly Trollopgate is an institutionalized, widespread, long-term, cultural behavior in the service, protected by active dissembly at all levels of internal management. It is possible that outside appointees to top positions may have been kept in ignorance, but it is certain that as this unfolds it will tarnish the Secret Service from top to bottom. I am sure that the service is full of dedicated, upright agents doing a difficult job, but I don?t see how they could not have condoned this behavior, albeit silently. The affair is a security issue, not a political one, but I bet it will be made into just that as careers are destroyed by the fallout. John Sisson, Newcastle