Babies trump woman’s OB/GYN appointment

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A couple of months after my annual OB/GYN exam was due, I called a new doctor here in Auburn to schedule an appointment as my original doctor was retiring and not seeing patients. I made two appointments, both were a three-month wait time, and both were canceled. The first reason was the doctor’s out-of-town flight was delayed. They said they would call back to reschedule, which they didn’t. The second reason was, there were three ladies having babies at Sutter Roseville and she had to be at the hospital. I told the doctor’s office that I am now eight months past my recommended exam time. She told me women giving birth take priority over my annual exams. I fully understand and support women having children, but this as an outrage. I am post childbearing years and feel my health should be just as much of a priority. Should it not be a doctor’s duty to provide another doctor to see her patients? Is my life or health no longer important because I’m older? This is discrimination. This doctor’s office also told me there are not many OB/GYNs practicing in Auburn because, according to the “Sutter Executive Directors group,” none of whose members are doctors, they don’t encourage their doctors to practice in Auburn as it is too small and there’s no money in it for them. They want their doctors to practice in larger cities like Roseville or Sacramento. I could easily drive down there for health care, but I shouldn’t have to. They are compromising my health care for their wallets. This is irresponsible and unacceptable. Lindsey Mullen Auburn