Backpacks are a pain

Reader Input
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I am writing this letter regarding a lot of back pains in kids at school because of heavy backpacks. A whole lot of kids have back problems, including me, because of such heavy loads. Schools could at least put in lockers and have longer passing times. When the kids are in their 80s, their backs will be really crippled, and they’ll probably be in a wheelchair. Ask any kid and they’ll say (depends on if the school has lockers) “My back hurts.” Every time. The schools say they have “no money.” Baloney! They could do fundraisers, they could go to the board of education, or even ask people around town. I wish I could change that, but I can’t just go around changing everything that I think is wrong. The world wouldn’t be the world anymore. It would be called “Happy Land.” I just need to get this subject out there in the public. I really think America needs to do something about this. Allison Loy, Auburn