Baffled by mean-spirited Prop. 8 supporters

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I am both baffled and frightened by the degree of mean-spirited hatred of the proponents of Proposition 8. What is it about granting basic human rights to all members of our society that is so threatening? I fail to understand why there is such a visceral reaction to allowing two individuals who are committed to each other to marry. Their private commitment should pose no threat to anyone else. And, as we recognized as a society in the 1950s, separate is not equal. Nor is language that separates, equal. Contrary to current pro-8 advertising, primary teachers are not asked to teach about “marriage,” but rather about families in our society: single parent, adoptive, traditional, foster, grandparent, etc. A same-sex couple with children is also a family. This is taught to help children to understand that there are many different ways in which to provide a child with the love, nurturing and guidance that all children require to thrive. I can accept that the concept of same-sex marriage is offensive to some. We all have to tolerate differences that may be personally offensive in order to preserve the freedoms that are the foundation of our society. What I cannot accept is the vehemence of the supporters of Prop. 8. I am afraid for my safety if I publicly oppose Prop. 8. I can only imagine the fear with which same-sex couples must live. Great world religions teach tolerance, compassion, and, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Pamela Patrick Auburn