Baked sweets on sticks popping up

Cake, brownie, cookie pops gaining popularity
By: Loryll Nicolaisen, Journal features editor
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Move over cupcakes — cake pops are here. As far as single-serving treats are concerned, this sweet-on-a-stick has a lot going for it. It’s like a lollipop without the chipped tooth, a popsicle without the brain freeze. “It’s something new, it’s something different and it’s easy to make,” said Cathy Bianchi. Bianchi makes and sells cake, brownie and cookie pops at Gimmie Cake Too! in Downtown Auburn. “Basically a cake pop is ground-up cake with icing to hold it together,” Bianchi explained. Bianchi calls her single-serving desserts “cruiser pops” because “you can cruise down the street and eat it.” Bianchi said cake pops are a great way to make use of cake remnants, as long as the cake has some weight to it — nothing light and airy, Bianchi advises. Frosting acts as a binding agent, but be careful not to use too much or else the pops won’t set. The production process can be pretty simple — roll the base of cake and icing into lollipop-sized balls, add a stick, dip the pop in melt-and-mold chocolate and other toppings, and enjoy. If you don’t mind firing up the oven, you can also create the base by pouring batter into silicone molds. “The silicone mold has become really popular,” Bianchi said. Bianchi advises putting the pops on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and placing everything in either the fridge or the freezer for a few minutes between steps so the pops will remain firm and keep their shape. “It firms it and gives it a nice shape,” Bianchi said. “If it’s not too cold it sticks to your hands big time.” Bianchi’s pop process takes about an hour when she starts with pre-baked cake remnants. The pops go for $1.59 in her shop. Bianchi said pops — cake and otherwise — are appealing for a number of reasons. “They’re on a stick, they’re individual servings, they can be more decorative, very personalized, great for gift giving,” she said. Kelly Forrest, owner of Rocklin-based Kelly’s Crafty Creations, has been making cake pops for a couple years. “They’re unique and cute,” she said. “It’s a trend. It’s like when cupcakes surpassed cakes.” Forrest, like Bianchi, uses cake remnants to make her pops. “Every time I make a cake there’s tons of leftovers. Now I don’t waste anything,” she said. Forrest makes cake pops to order, and has created pops resembling everything from gumball machines to fish tanks. “They’re cute, convenient and small,” she said. “You don’t feel like a pig for having this little treat on a stick.” __________ Gimmie Cake Too! Where: 846 Lincoln Way, Downtown Auburn Contact: (530) 885-5889 Kelly's Crafty Creations Phone:(916) 879-4362 Web: