Ball a sad way to raise chamber funds

Reader Input
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A horrible event is coming back to Downtown. The Black & White Ball is to take place in Downtown on Sept. 15. We don’t understand why this is happening. Three years ago we circulated a petition and collected signatures from the Downtown businesses and residents affected by the Black & White Ball and 90 percent of the residents and the businesses were against this event in Downtown. The main purpose is selling alcohol to raise funds for the Auburn Chamber of Commerce. This event has always been a drunken brawl for Downtown and all business lost three days of revenue and the restaurants had to close for three days in order not to just be the restroom for the event since partygoers did not want to use the portable facilities. The residents were affected by urinating and vomiting on their property and having open sex on their front lawns. My question to all the board members of the chamber, with all due respect, is it not the chamber’s job to promote businesses rather than hurt them, especially now in this economy when every customer counts? You all have families. How can you vote to have such an event in our town? Why don’t you have events that cover four seasons and do not involve closing the streets and people can come and have fun and the chamber makes money at the same time. We are not trying to stop this event because the risk of drunken driving is too high. It takes just one fatal accident that puts a whole family in misery for life. The State of California publishes a billboard on Interstate 80, “Report Drunken Drivers.” How can we invite people to Downtown to drink and then drive home — and don’t say they have a designated driver. That is not true. If that was so, why in the past events did we have the Auburn P.D., Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s office, Rocklin Police and Roseville Police involved with this event? The cost is mind-boggling just in manpower hours and with the economic situation of our cities and state, the manpower is no longer available as it was three years ago. Who gives the chamber the permits for this event? This is a sad way for the chamber to make money. How do all the other chambers raise their funds without having the Black & White Ball? We are in business in Auburn for 38 years and this is just not a style that is acceptable here. I hope everyone who reads this will help put a stop to this event. Ben Asgharzadeh and Margareta Swann, The Golden Swann Jewelers, Auburn