Ban unsporting hunting practice

Reader Input
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Using packs of dogs to chase bears and bobcats through the woods, only to be shot off a tree branch at point-blank range is cruel, unsporting and out-of-step with Californians’ values. Senate Bill 1221 seeks to ban this practice — known as hounding — and bring California in line with other states such as Washington, Montana and Oregon. SB 1221 just passed the Assembly, and is now headed back to the Senate for a concurrence vote on amendments. Hounding places both wildlife and the dogs themselves in danger. If the wildlife cannot run away from the dogs any longer, they may turn and fight the pursuing dogs, resulting in injuries or even deaths. Please contact your Senator right away and ask him/her to support SB 1221, and put an end to this barbaric practice once and for all. Paula and Scott Purviance, Granite Bay