Bang the drums softly, please

Reader Input
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I am a sacristan of St. Joseph Church on a daily basis. Last Saturday evening, a lot of people there were complaining to me about a loud drumming noise going on outside. I could tell that during the scripture reading at Mass at that time the congregation was having trouble hearing what was being said aloud, even with a mike. It wasn’t until well after the Mass that I found out that there were two drummers, each constantly beating excessively hard with both sticks on the drums at the same time. I didn’t know that it was (Auburn) Family Night Out at that time. Maybe the band wasn’t aware that we were having a service at the church right across the street from them (they were playing at Meritage Motors lot), or that they were also playing across from a residential area. In the future, I would urge that any such banging away should play somewhere else without so much disturbance at residences or a church service. Shouldn’t the event planner be able to arrange that? Thank you. Guy Wingfield, Applegate