Bank customers overcharged

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Something needs to be done to the banks who are creating situations where they can charge fees. This new way they can take your check out of sequence so that you not only bounce the one but you bounce 10 others, and then they charge you non-sufficient funds fees. I am not saying there aren’t many of us who live paycheck to paycheck and live very close to the edge but the banks also create it so they can charge you. (New Year’s weekend) paycheck deposit transfers are supposed to happen on the 1st. OK, so we will give them the holiday but this weekend the bank did not even put the money in on the Jan. 2. It is Sunday night – where is my money? The money is in the same bank not even two different banks just sitting side by side. The ATM I put through to the grocery store went through but they keep my money four days. This is just wrong. Where is the legislation when the banks that we bailed out do wrong? Who’s in who’s pocket? Speak up people. Don’t let them get away with creating situations to collect fees.We really don’t have to take it. Change banks. Patricia Tracy, Auburn