Bank too big to help little guy

Reader Input
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Like many homeowners who bought at the top of the market or refinanced, my home is worth less than I owe. My spouse has not worked in nine months and we asked our lender for a temporary modification, interim assistance to lower our payments. We don’t qualify for a refinance because of the loan-to-value ratio and don’t want private mortgage insurance. The response: we don’t make enough money to warrant a modification. Isn’t that why one seeks a modification, (because) a reduction in income puts a strain on your budget? We were not asking for a permanent solution or a write down of the balance, just temporary help. So what did they do next? They automatically set us up for a short sale and some (one) tried to force us to sell our home. I spent two weeks telling them we did not want to sell our home before they finally quit calling. I was told that they would rather receive a subsidy from the government for the short sale than modify my loan. So much for the consumer assistance programs. It seems the big banks would rather force you out than help you. I’ll keep searching for some assistance and hopefully I’ll be able to get away from (my bank) and soon. Ann Lyle, Auburn