Barney Fife would know what to do with gangs

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Twenty-five people in a brawl? Knives, pipes, baseball bats, stab wounds, facial injuries, blunt-force trauma? In our Auburn? Sounds like big trouble in paradise from a bunch (gang?) of people suffering from a severe lack of self-control. Speaking of control, we know East L.A. is out of control, but keep in mind that East L.A.’s dilemma started with just a couple of gangs ... no big deal. We shouldn’t think we’re OK just because we’re not as bad as East L.A. Surely we have higher standards than that for our town. One gang in Auburn is one gang too many! TV’s deputy Barney Fife was right on. Whenever he saw something that threatened the safety and tranquility of small-town Mayberry, his response was, “Nip it! Nip it! Nip it!” Our local law enforcement agencies must aggressively enforce zero tolerance for gangs and their corrupting influence in Auburn. Like deputy Fife, let their mantra be: “Nip it! Nip it! Nip it!” And, anyone who has gang ambitions (whatever your ethnicity, language, or country of origin), do law-respecting residents of this community a big favor and stay away from Auburn. You’re not welcome in our small town. Sue Smith Auburn