Battle of Badges rings in final tally of almost $8K

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A rogue kettle was found over the weekend while Salvation Army staff tallied the results of the third annual Battle of the Badges. The event pits the California Highway Patrol, Placer County Sheriff’s Office and Auburn Police Department against one another in a daylong competition to raise the most money for the nonprofit organization. At the end of Friday night, the tally was $7,130.58. But then volunteers discovered an uncounted kettle from the Sheriff’s Office that contained $850 in donations, bringing the grand total to $7,980.58. “Quite frankly, this was a banner day,” said Salvation Army Major Ed Loomis. “We have made history.” That brings the final tallies to: $4,441.99 for the Sheriff’s Office, $3,061.85 for the California Highway Patrol and $476.74 for the Auburn Police Department. California Highway Patrol spokeswoman Kelly Baraga said the organization was disappointed it once again came in second place to the Sheriff’s Office. She jokingly suggested the office cheats and “pads their kettle.” “I smell something fishy happening,” Baraga joked. “I know we were collecting a lot of money and filled a lot of buckets.” Capt. Dave Keyes countered that the Sherrif’s Office is proud of its collection efforts. “I just truly appreciate the California Highway Patrol and Auburn Police Department coming out and participating in this great event,” Keyes said. “All the agencies thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the public that day and with each other.” Auburn Police Chief Valerie Harris, along with Keyes and Baraga, said helping the community through events such as the Battle of the Badges is part of the ogranziations’ job descriptions. “What matters about the event is that funds were raised and that law enforcement participated in community efforts,” Harris said. -Jenifer Gee ---------- 3rd Annual Battle of Badges final tally: $7,980.58 Placer County Sheriff’s Office: $4,441.99 California Highway Patrol: $3,061.85 Auburn Police Department: $476.74 ----------