Be careful what you wish for

Reader Input
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I was going to write to you so many times but decided to keep my mouth shut until now. After reading Christine King’s letter, “Pass health care now,” (Reader Input, Aug. 2): Are you crazy? We are people of “the United States of America,” not a government country. People in Canada come to the U.S. for doctor’s care and surgery, as they cannot get appointments for months. They are government-run. Since Obama has been in office things have changed including Congress running our country. Get rid of Pelosi, Kennedy, Feinstein and Boxer. I could keep naming more but will stop for now. Take a look at what happened in Germany when Hitler and government took over their country. People had no right to speak. I welcome all people to our country but to speak our language. I don’t like hearing our “pledge to the flag” in Spanish. All I can say now: “God Bless America.” DEE NANN, Christian Valley