Be careful what you wish for

Reader Input
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Response to Dee Nann, Christian Valley, (“Bring back our country,” Reader Input, June 19).
You say you want your country back? Like, how far back? Or, back from what exactly? What about that national debt? It is high isn’t it. Let’s go back.
Dubya Bush inherited a surplus budget and still managed to increase the national debt $5 trillion.
By 2008, bank deregulation policies, pushed by the Republicans since 1994, sent us into another Great Depression. You do remember the Great Depression, don’t you? Good thing the WPA was there to put people to work.
Remember the Golden Gate Bridge and Empire State Building? Just a couple of projects built during a depression. Between Reagan and Bush I, in 12 years, the national debt went from $934 billion to $4.2 trillion, or a 450 percent increase. Did you complain then too? Reagan gave amnesty to eight million illegal aliens. Reagan had the highest (inflation-adjusted) tax increase in U.S. history.
Nixon? Wanna go back there? Nixon was for National Health Care. Nixon signed the EPA into law. Earth Day started. But, then, Nixon resigned because he really was a crook.
Under Eisenhower, taxes were as high as 90 percent. Why? Because “Ike” was the last Republican president that even cared about reducing the national debt. Under Eisenhower, the country grew like gang-busters. Corporations grew. The freeway system across the United States began under Eisenhower. Not much in the way of infrastructure has happened since.
Do you still long for Herbert Hoover and a “chicken in every pot” and another depression? Vote for Romney and that’s what you’ll get. You, as a woman, will also not get equal pay for equal work. But, then, women are supposed to stay home and cook.
Right? Those were the good ol’ days, now weren’t they?
And, in case you’ve forgotten World War II, Hitler was a conservative. Like much of today’s religious right, Hitler’s goal was a pure society; no Jews, no gays, no brown eyes, no illegals, nothing but a pure Aryan race. Is that what you want to go back to?
Gary L. Vogt, Auburn