Be mindful of ‘granny scam’

Reader Input
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Just want to share my experience with you. I got a call from someone posing as my granddaughter.

She said, “Grandma, I’m calling to let you know that I rear-ended someone while I was talking on my phone, and now I need to pay for this accident. Would you help me?” I’m going to have the public defender call you. OK?” She hung up before I could get any more information.

A few minutes later this man called, asking me if I had gotten a call from my granddaughter. I said yes. He wanted to verify my granddaughter’s name. That’s when I asked him his name, and wanted him to verify all the information about the accident He wouldn’t give me her name, and insisted that I give him my granddaughter’s name.

He gave me his name, which he said was Frank Albright, with the public defender’s office. He wouldn’t tell me which town he was with.

When I insisted that he give me more information, he just hung up.

I had had another incident about another scam so I reported it to the Federal Trade Commission. Here is their phone number, (877) 438-4338).

They asked for my name, and about the incident. The lady gave me a reference number in case I had it happen again.

This is just for you to be aware of this scam, one of many going on around. I hope this doesn’t happen to any one of you, but I just wanted you to be aware of the “granny scam.”