Be mindful of infected ticks

Reader Input
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I was very interested to read the article about Michael Dye’s struggle with Lyme Disease in the sports section of the Auburn Journal (April 2) and am pleased that you are helping to publicize the danger of Lyme Disease, which is quite prevalent in our area. Thank you for devoting so much space to this troubling and mysterious disease. Just a few corrections: the insect which infected Michael is a “tick” not “tic,” and the disease is called “Lyme,” not “Lyme’s.” Also, although I am glad you gave further references for reading about Lyme, the website is sadly full of misleading information about Lyme, such as stating that there is no chronic form of Lyme, and that there are no infected ticks in some states. In fact, all 50 states have infected ticks, and chronic Lyme is very real and problematic. Those who wish accurate information on Lyme are invited instead to refer to the website Thank you! Virginia Ward, Auburn