Be mindful of labels

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Re: Brune Dowry, “Christians intolerant,” (Reader Input, Dec. 6). While the issue of why China is evil is between you and Mr. (Gordon) Ainsleigh, I will add some of my own comments (however, unsolicited) to your seeming tirade against Christianity. A better wording to your supposition that “Christians have taken more lives … than all nuclear weapons combined” (only two have been dropped in all history) might be, “Those who call themselves Christians, etc.” You make the mistake of confusing pseudo-Christians with true Christians. That is the eternal dilemma with labeling any group of people. I agree that the word “Christian” can be ill-used. When a person says he/she is a Christian, it does not mean that they are in fact a Christian. “For many are called, but few are chosen,” Matthew, 22:14. As with any other group of religion, Christianity is the victim of “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” those who use the label to serve their own ends. At the same time, true Christians are human beings and are not immune from making wrong decisions and doing things which are contrary to God’s law. We will not be truly perfect until God gives us new life in heaven. A side note: Mr. Ainsleigh has a right to voice his opinion the same as you do, whether you agree with him or not – a true blessing in this country. Finally, your list of God’s evil shows that you have an unfortunate lack of knowledge concerning the Bible. I suggest that before arguing against it, you become more thoroughly acquainted with it. Daniel West, Foresthill