Be responsible at fishing derby

Reader Input
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It sounds like there are plans cooking for a second fishing derby in Meadow Vista. While I appreciate all the efforts to help fundraise for the community center, and “fun raise” for the kids, we still should be teaching responsibility for our actions. I don’t think all realize the hidden costs to the community for the last derby. The whole community really needs to be kept informed what’s going on, and the consequences of planned events. Last I checked the wildlife in the park is also part of our community. My kids grew up with the wildlife, feeding and chasing the ducks and geese, floating boats and submarines and fishing in the pond. Last year there were lots of hours by outside volunteers to work to protect both wild and domestic wildlife from impacts of the derby. Some turtles and birds were hooked, and harmed. Shouldn’t there have been an Environmental Impact Report required? After the past derby, there was lots of fishing debris that was not policed up by either ARD, Mr. Reese, or the community center volunteers. The volunteers who got the job done didn’t even get so much as a Thanks for their part in making the past derby a success, and allowing the wildlife to return to the park. There’s rumors ARD is looking into methods of removing and keeping the wild geese from our park. I still just love watching them come in formation and land on water or grass. Wildlife and the country is what Meadow Vista is all about. Last I checked there are still signs coming into Meadow Vista to announce Meadow Vista is a bird sanctuary. I didn’t realize the park was exempt from that requirement. Richard Walked, Meadow Vista