Be supervisors, not Santa Claus

Reader Input
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Who in the hell do they think they are? Revenue sharing be damned! It’s the same song being sung at the Federal level. We know best how your monies should be spent and of course we (the government) will pick the winners and losers. The Placer County Supervisors who brought this program back act like liberal Democrats and should be voted out of office (Journal, Oct. 21). If they feel so strong about a fishing derby, or Tommy Apostolos, or Protect American River Canyons, let them take it out of their own pocket. I was never asked my opinion (through a ballot proposition). This is just the supervisors ingratiating themselves to the recipients. Who, where, when did the voters give them this power? Never, I say. Let the people decide if they want to donate or raise money for a cause or function. This just smells stinky. Gosh! Why do you think they don’t want their names attached to this “Great Money Giveaway”? Perhaps it’s because they might lose votes. Get rid of it and get back to being a supervisor and not Santa Claus. JAMES McKESSON, Auburn