Be sure to publicize Tevis

Reader Input
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The Tevis Cup is a great horse race. Auburn is lucky enough to have it finish in our town. Due to cold weather, the route had to be changed. Cold weather also makes it so that not as many people show up to see the horses come in. The Tevis Cup should be held during a warmer time of the year. There should also be more advertisement for the race, so more people come to see it. The last time the Tevis Cup came in, my family and I wanted to go see it but we didn’t know when it was until it was too late. We missed the race this year because there wasn’t enough publicity. Also my family heard that the race had to be changed because of the snow. Why deal with the hassle to change the route? Jockeys would have had to learn a new route to race on, with so little time to learn it. SUSANNA HADLEY, student, Auburn