Bear River grad works to achieve goal of going to college, becoming an attorney

By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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Bear River High School senior Emanuel Hurtado, 17, always wanted to go to college, and when he found his grades were slipping he said knew he had to do something. Hurtado’s parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico and Hurtado said although he was born here, he knew the value of the educational opportunities that were presented to him. Hurtado went from a low grade point average to getting straight A’s in one year, enrolled in advanced placement classes and is set to graduate at 7 p.m. June 10 at Bear River High. Taryn Loehr, Hurtado’s school guidance counselor, said Hurtado excels in his classes now and is a great individual. “In my 20 years of working in education and counseling, I have never met an individual quite like Emanuel,” Loehr said. “He is at the top of my list of students I respect and admire for their drive and resolve to attain their goals. Emanuel is also the most humble, respectful and considerate student I know. I would go the extra mile for him any day of the week.” What are you future plans? After I graduate I plan on attending Chico State for four years and majoring in criminal justice. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do, but in the long run I would like to become an attorney if that’s possible. I got a scholarship from CALSA and I was accepted into the EOP program at Chico. EOP is the Early Occupational Program. It’s like a financial aid program. CALSA stands for the California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators. I won that scholarship. What will you miss most about high school? I guess the supportive teachers that I had here. Just pretty much my teachers and my counselor supporting me. She’s a great person. What won’t you miss about high school? The strict rules — that we can’t choose what time to be here, the regulations I guess. What have you been involved in during your time in high school? Through high school I have been involved in football for four years. I did a little track my junior year. I play the bass at my church. My dad’s the pastor and I kind of had the opportunity and I took it. (I’ve been playing) for probably eight months or so. What are you most proud of accomplishing as a high school student? The fact that I was able to fix my grades after I realized I wasn’t going to make it into college. Now I am. I was accepted into all four (California state universities) I applied to. I went from being a 2.2 average grade point average and I completely turned it around, got straight A’s my junior year, (which included) the toughest classes I ever took. My hardest classes my junior year were physics and algebra 2. I have always wanted to go to college. I’ve just never really realized what I needed to do to get there. The summer of my junior year going into my senior year, I took classes at Sierra College. I got B’s in both my classes, and it helped fix my grades up. (My counselor) sort of guided to me in what I wanted to do and it helped me accomplish that. Reach Bridget Jones at