Bear spotted on Terrace Street

Put trash out in morning, law enforcement advises
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Residents on Terrace Street in Auburn reported seeing a bear rummaging through their trashcans early Tuesday morning, according to Detective Dale Hutchins of the Auburn Police Department. ?It?s very common in that area for bear sightings,? Hutchins said. He said bears are drawn to the street during the night if people put their trashcans out the night before trash day. The best defense is waiting until morning, Hutchins added. In the 22 years he has worked in Auburn, he said a bear has never been shot for threatening a human life, although residents sometimes ask law enforcement to. ?Unless life is threatened, lethal force most likely will not be used,? Hutchins said. ?Those of us that live in bear country, have to learn a few simple practices to avoid encounters with them. Keeping your trash secured until the morning of the trash pick-up is one of those basic rules.? ~Sara Seyydin