Become a part of solution

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I was pleased to see the letter from Hannah Brown regarding her concerns (Reader Input, Journal, Aug. 4) about the incentives offered by the Auburn Library for the teen summer reading program. I like it when young people take an interest and are willing to put forth the effort to write a letter about it. I would like to invite Hannah to go to the next level. In my role working as an educational psychologist, I have launched a campaign this year. “Become a Part of the Solution” is the direction and motto of the campaign. I am encouraging everyone I know to take the next step. When you write a letter or voice a complaint about something, maintain that energy to “become a part of the solution.” In Hannah’s case, I am willing to join my energy with her energy and hopefully, that of others. I invite Hannah to attend the Teen Advisory Board meeting at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8 at the Auburn Library. Maybe we can come up with a solution for her concern! I know the library staff has spent time and conversations already working on the issue Hannah raised. I think it is important to look at all sides of an issue. I am willing to donate time to work with Hannah on this cause, and I hope that Hannah and others are, too. Actually, what I am really hoping for is that everyone out there will become a part of the solution of whatever issue they see as important. In this way we can all make the community we live in a better place, rather than just pointing out the weaknesses and moving on with our lives. Robin Rice, Auburn