Behind the Signature: Cherie Holm

By: Anne Papineau
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A visit with the Journal’s frequent letter contributors. Lives in: Meadow Vista. A stint in Truckee ended because Holm “couldn’t deal with all that snow ... shovelling snow before and after work was too hard. I’m just a real down-to-earth gal born in Akron, Ohio. Job: Holm was a store manage at Gottschalk’s and one of the many put out of work when the store closed, which she expressed in a poem. She designed a garden for a home in Sacramento. “I’m very visual. I love landscaping; I love garden work, from design to raking pine needles.” Writing to the Journal: “I wanted to be a writer when I was young, and I’m still trying to be one. My moniker is Wildflower when I post online. I took that from a 1970s song by Skylark. I’m into seeking the truth and getting people’s input on various subjects. I enjoy interacting with other bloggers on the Internet. I’m not a political person and don’t belong to any organized religion. Sometimes I’m one of the those people who’s right in the middle. I vote for people, not parties.” Most recent letter: “Blame game getting really, really old,” Aug. 18