Behind the Signature: Jim Beall, Sr.

By: Anne Papineau, Journal staff writer
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Lives in: Auburn, since 1981 Job: “I taught in a Department of Labor program to retrain migrant workers. Also worked with young adults who had dropped out of the conventional school system. That experience motivated me to help develop local charter school programs. It also inspired many of my letters criticizing the current public educational system. I retired from teaching and currently work as a machinist/programmer in an Auburn precision optics company where I teach and train new hires. My wife, Shirley, son Jim, and I have built up three successful businesses here.” Favorite topics: “My letters eliciting the most response are those that challenge writers who submit unsubstantiated opinions and talk show gossip as fact.” Does for fun: “I’ve bowled with my family since we came to Auburn, at Foothills. I bowled 299, missing perfect by one pin. My son has had a couple of 300 games.” Most recent letter: “Cure for an inside job,” April 8