Behind the Signature: John T. Nightingale

By: Anne Papineau, Journal staff writer
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Lives in: Auburn, “17 years on July 10.” Job: Owns two businesses. “Dieselcraft makes oil and fuel purification devices. It’s primarily Internet-based. The assembly and testing is done on Dry Creek here in Auburn.” His second business, Sterling Magic, manufactures close-up magic tricks. “One of ours is when (magician) David Blaine bites the piece out of the quarter.” On letter writing: “The Nightingales have the knack to get under other people’s skin. I’m conservative, but I like to agitate the opposition. It’s my Sunday morning relaxation. I watch ‘Meet the Press’, the Sunday morning politics stuff and that gets me inspiration for a subject, and then I start writing.” Does for fun: “I don’t have a life. Just complain, and keep working.” Nightingale shares his life with wife Sherrie, plus “cats and chickens.” Most recent letter: “Institute higher taxes for all,” July 18