Behind the Signature: Kathy King

By: Anne Papineau, Journal staff writer
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A visit with the Journal’s frequent letter contributors. Kathy King Lives in: Bowman, “since 1977, when it was a little bit more rural.” King grew up in San Jose “when it still had apricot and walnut trees.” She says she and several fellow locals graduated from James Lick High School in San Jose. Career: 33 years in the mortgage business, which she says she left, “for obvious reasons. I am studying to do medical coding and billing. I’m reinventing myself, and it’s in demand.” Writing to the Journal: “I get fed up with the stupidity of people. People expect someone else to do it for them. Parents bail out kids all the time. Kids need to suffer the consequences. Our daughter was in eighth grade at E.V. Cain and this bullying girl was terrifying her. My husband, Ken, said you’re going to have to hit her and get it over with. Finally, this bully picked on a friend of Sarah’s who had a brain tumor. Sarah grabbed her by the throat and said, ‘You’re not worth my time,’ and threw her on the ground. Later at Placer High, the girl said, “Sarah, you changed my life. I’m now getting straight A’s. I?needed somebody to push back.” Does for fun: “I love to garden, love to cook, you name it. I?love winter cooking, comfort food. I love politics, like my son, Seth.” Most recent letter: “It worked that way for years,” Oct. 13