Behind the Signature: Knight Wagner

By: Anne Papineau
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A visit with the Journal’s frequent letter contributors. Knight Wagner Lives in: Auburn, 18 years, with his wife, Bette, whom he married in 1963. Wagner lived in Iowa until he entered the U.S. Navy. He wrote a reminiscence for family members called “Raised on the Coppock Road.” Writing to the Journal: “Well, what gets me motivated, so much of this stuff people don’t know about. They don’t understand or they don’t care. Letter writing is voicing my opinion about things. I enjoy reading the paper but I?don’t think people get the real story.” Does for fun: “I restore cars and go to Cruise Nite. I have three Corvettes, including a 1965 one we bought new. I restore trucks, finished a couple tractors. It keeps you busy.” Most recent letter: “Foreigners take our money,” Sept. 15 ~ Anne Papineau