Behind the Signature: Nancie Goodnough

By: Anne Papineau, Journal staff writer
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A visit with the Journal’s frequent letter contributors. Lives in: Auburn, for “29 and a-half years.” Goodnough married third-generation Auburnite Ken 30 years ago. Her husband, father-in-law, son and daughter all went to Placer High School. Career: Goodnough works from home as manager of a team of insurance and pricing specialists with Heritage Companies. “I’m very techno-geek. A friend always calls me a nerd. I accept that as a compliment and say, ‘Thank you, Tara.’” Writing to the Journal: “Usually something that upsets me gets my attention. It can be something really great, too. I was reading about the cutting of the arts at Placer High School. If it wasn’t for the arts, I don’t think my son would have graduated. And they’re a big part of my daughter’s life. She’s now a high school English teacher in Rocklin, and she has her kids writing letters to the editor. She tells them, ‘My mom does this.’ So it’s come around.” Does for fun: “I love reading, hiking or long walks, and computers.” Most recent letter: “Bring back civility to our great country,” Sept. 28 ~ Anne Papineau