Belief in God brings blessings

Reader Input
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It amazes me that atheists and non-believers attack God with no sense of repercussion. If you read in the Bible, even though God is a loving, forgiving, patient and merciful God, there are times when his anger is fueled. Atheists and non-believers claim that they don’t believe in God, but whenever a catastrophe happens or a child is harmed or dies from either an illness or external forces, they quickly blame God for not intervening. Why don’t they blame themselves since to them God does not exist? Why is it that they did not intervene? What do they tell a child or anyone, for that matter that loses a loved one, suck it up and get over it because you will never see this person again? No, they tell them that they will someday see them in heaven. But, how does that happen when you don’t believe in God or heaven? Are they lying to these people to make themselves look like good compassionate individuals? Recently, an individual said that “In God We Trust” should be removed (“In God We Trust” sign doesn’t belong, Reader Input, March 28). I say remove your trust in God and you have chaos, immorality and a world without hope. Yes, our world is in a mess, but there is still hope, compassion and love of fellow human beings. What would our lives be like without these? It is in our nature for most of us to want to be in charge of our own lives, we don’t want to turn our lives over to God, so we struggle through life with adversities and blame God for not helping. It is when we finally realize that it is through him and our trust in him that our lives become easier and more blessed that we live a more fulfilled life. So I say to all the atheists and non-believers, try as you might to remove God from this world and you will only succeed in living a life with more difficulty, hardship, sorrow, tribulation, pain and setbacks. Donald Adams, Auburn