Best events are not-for-profit

Reader Input
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I was saddened to see that the Auburn Home Shows won as the Best Auburn Event (Journal, July 15-16). While this is a nice exposition and is good for the vendors and visitors alike, I do not see this for-profit Home Show as an Auburn event. When I think of Auburn events I think of Party in the Park, Auburn Community Festival, Festival of Lights, Family 4th, Family Night Out, Cruise Nite, Free Movie Night or Cinco De Mayo, to name a few. All of these are unique to Auburn, are to the most extent family-oriented and/or family friendly. Further, they are free to attend and are not-for-profit, but exist instead for the benefit of the community only. These events are organized and run primarily by volunteer community members, service clubs and others who are doing it because they care. These are the events I feel really add to Auburn and make it just that more special of a place to live. I would have hoped this was the type of events people would have voted for when the category of Best Auburn Event was listed. In fact, I did not even think of a Home Show when the question was asked, but obviously I was not representing the majority in my thinking. I congratulate the Auburn Home Show, which I regularly attend, and am glad it is here. Scott Holbrook, Auburn, Auburn Recreation District board director