Beth Gaines doesn’t get it

Reader Input
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We have all seen a huge jump in the price of gasoline in recent weeks, so much so that it is negatively impacting economic recovery. So, what’s going on and what is the solution? On the news (4th Assembly District) candidate Beth Gaines has the solution: eliminate the gas tax in California. Duh? Let’s move this one step forward and look at the big recession. Clearly, Wall Street had a major impact and large numbers of Americans lost their homes. I would ask Gaines this: Why not eliminate property taxes? Surely that would have saved homes. Not! So, why isn’t Gaines looking into the reason behind the gigantic rise in gas prices? I would submit it’s because she has no clue. Has the world supply of oil been cut appreciably? No. Have refineries in the U.S. cut production? No. Have the oil producers cut the supply or raised the price of a barrel of oil? No. Have oil companies raised the price of a barrel of oil? No. So, what has happened? Well, our friends on Wall Street have been cutting a fat hog the past couple of months. Candidate Gaines, I ask the following: Have you ever heard of the mercantile market? I doubt it. So, let me enlighten you. During the past couple of months those dear hearts on Wall Street looking for a really good deal have been wildly and artificially raising oil prices. Does this remind you of Enron, candidate Gaines? Clearly Gaines’ naïveté is only surpassed by her inability to understand the issue. Thus her knee-jerk response, “reduce the gas tax in California.” Certainly don’t look to Wall Street and never, for God’s sake, regulate those in charge of causing the problem. Well, I ask Placer County voters, is this the candidate we should elect to the Assembly? I should certainly hope not. However you may vote, please for my sake and others seek a candidate who has real solutions to very complex issues. This is not one for Tom Tom the piper’s son. John Rabe, Newcastle