Beth Gaines simply not qualified

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Beth Gaines is running for re-election not for her accomplishments as a legislator but as an ?owner of a small business.? This is very interesting as she has done absolutely nothing in the legislature to justify re-election but draw a salary since being elected. She claims to be opposed to public welfare, yet the Gaines family receives public welfare in the form of salaries they do not earn. Writing articles and opinion columns for newspapers and voting ?no? on any piece of legislation does not qualify one to continue to remain in office, particularly when one got elected not on her ability and experience but by being the wife of an assemblyman who was able to manipulate the system by holding onto his seat while running for the Senate, thereby ensuring that his wife with no experience of any kind would be able to run for his seat. This has been reflected by her performance, or rather lack of performance, as an assemblywoman for her district. It is time for the voters in District 6 to show Beth Gaines the door by not re-electing her, because we the voters and residents of the district deserve better job performance and representation than Beth Gaines has provided. Gene Martineau, Roseville