Beth Gaines won by default

Reader Input
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In response to the Auburn Journal May 4 articles on the very costly (District 4) Assembly race and other elections (five in all, total tops over $1 million), it is very sad that there wasn’t a more viable candidate to offer this district. By the count, it appears that Democrats and Republicans alike voted for (Dennis) Campanale. While the sentiment against Beth and Ted Gaines was strongly expressed by so many, it was frustrating that Campanale did not run a campaign to win. It is also unfortunate that Campanale did not accept invites from his constituent base to work for him or raise funds. It might have made a difference. What can be done now? To those who wish to challenge Beth Gaines in 2012 and Ted Gaines in 2014, let’s get together and recruit some strong candidates to win. Let’s recruit candidates who really want to run a vigorous race who support small businesses, lower- and middle-class working people, health care for all, and good public schools for our children. We may be stuck now with who we have, almost by default, but we can do something about it for the future. Millee Livingston, Auburn