Better off with ‘Gordy’s’ efforts

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I have known Dr. Gordon Ainsleigh (“Gordy” to most of us) for many, many years. It is remarkable how much this local legend has benefited the rest of us. He originated the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, Auburn’s signature running event, from which an entire sport grew, with millions in economic benefit to Auburn each year. Through his lifestyle, his work as a doctor, and his work with the Auburn Area Recreation and Park District, he has been a dedicated proponent of individual physical training and nutrition as a path to health, a role-model for healthy aging for over 25 years, and has relentlessly pursued making better health available to all of us, should we so desire. ARD was mired in many years of dysfunction when we elected Gordon to the board of directors eight years ago. Within two years, that had all changed, which is what we asked for and expected when we voted for him. He has succeeded in persuading his fellow board members to add “health and happiness” to ARD’s mission statement, to install trails and other physical conditioning features to the district’s parks, and has been our most prominent fiscal-conservative voice on the board by advocating strategies to get more parks and more recreation from each tax dollar. We are all better off for Gordy’s efforts on our behalf. I will certainly cast my vote for his continued public service as an ARD director, and encourage all district residents to do the same. Dean Prigmore, Meadow Vista