Better to be a ‘nerd’ in school

Reader Input
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I think that it’s a real problem in today’s society that parents aren’t supporting their children in school. Children aren’t responsible in school. I think that this is the parents’ fault. Children shouldn’t get bad grades, especially since there are so many ways for parents to help them. For example, my school has a website in which parents can see their child’s grades, missing assignments and what days the child is late for class. Also, I think that parents should encourage their children to read. Reading cannot only be fun, but when reading a book the child increases his or her vocabulary, imagination and understanding and writing papers becomes easy. Last of all, the parent should try to get their children to school every day, because when they come back from skipping, they have the work of the days they were missing, and the current day’s work to make up. School can become easy when the child does his or her work. Doing all this and more can really make a difference in the child’s life, and make them be responsible for their work and their lives. It’s better to be a “nerd” than waste time in school. DAYANARA CAMPOS, student, Auburn