Better to keep open campus

Reader Input
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After I read about the tragic car accident involving PHS students I wondered how long it would be before someone would insist the campus become a closed campus (“Eight injured in vehicle rollover in Auburn,” Journal, Sept. 14).
First, and most importantly, the accident was a terrible, sad situation and all of us should be praying for the recovery of those involved. I do not know anyone involved in the accident and I do not own or work for any businesses in Downtown Auburn.
That being said, Placer should not be a closed campus. My children were third-generation PHS students. I believe the campus has been an open campus for its existence. It is a campus within a neighborhood and closing it off would be a logistical nightmare.
When my children were at Placer during the early 2000s, I thought it was good for them to learn how to be good community members. Having an open campus taught them about time allowances, not littering, money management, respecting businesses and overall appreciating their hometown.
My children, husband and father-in-law all loved attending Placer and having an open campus was a great part of it.
Remember, the accident was just that, it was an accident, it happened during a lunch break, but it could have happened any time and blaming the school’s open campus is not right.
To the school board: You are doing a great job and this Auburnite would like you to keep the Placer High School campus open.
Nancie Goodnough, Auburn