Better that Obama not run

Reader Input
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(Barack) Obama has been president for over two years. Let’s look at his accomplishments. Our national debt has increased by one-third in just three years. Unemployment is still at 8.9 percent nationally, even higher in California. A flawed healthcare bill is extremely expensive and most Americans do not support. Tried cap and trade on pollution control, thankfully failed. Whereas the U.S. used to be recognized as the world leader, we are now being ignored or privately laughed at by the world leaders because of our incompetent president. With the presidential election less than two years away, Obama pretends to be moving to the center politically, to gain favor with independent voters. Hopefully, they won’t fall for his trickery. I hope the leaders of the Democrat Party and their major financial supporters realize Obama’s severe shortcomings and take the necessary steps to ensure Obama has serious challenger(s) in the Democrat primary next year. Then we can choose between two candidates with real world experiences and accomplishments, one Democrat and one Republican. If Obama got re-elected, can you imagine the harm he could/would do to our once great country? If Obama really loved our country, which I doubt, he would realize his shortcomings and, as another great Democrat president LBJ (Lyndon Johnson) chose to do, not run for a second term. That would be by far his greatest contribution to America and the world. DAVE IMGRUND, Auburn