Beware of misleading phone call

Reader Input
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Residents in the Placer Hills Fire Protection District (Meadow Vista, Weimar, Applegate and small portions of Colfax and Auburn): you are affected by Measure E. Because property taxes have gone down, our fire department has lost funding. Meanwhile, costs have gone up and equipment is in need of replacement. We have greatly improved coverage over the old volunteer fire company, allowing fire and paramedic emergency responders 24 hours every day from two fire stations, with an average response time of six minutes. If you vote yes on Measure E, for 22 cents a day, you and your neighbors can still have help fast enough to save homes and lives. Some well-meaning person placed a taped call saying that the state fire prevention fee of $150 a year is already enough so she opposes Measure E. That state fee is for things like brush clearing, inspections and education to prevent fires, not sending a single fire truck or paramedic to your house in an emergency. Steps are being taken to repeal that fee, so it may never happen. It has absolutely nothing to do with Measure E. A vote for Measure E will save lives of folks in our area. If it fails, many folks will have to pay much higher insurance costs, and we will all be faced with much slower response times. Why would we risk the lives of our friends and neighbors for 22 cents a day? Ruth Dalrymple, Weimar